(日本語) 翻訳:

藤田 潤

Jun FUJITA (Japan)

Glass Artist
Meritorious Member of
Japan Glass Artcrafts Association

I participated in this 35 year old International Exhibition for the first time some years ago as one of the glass artists by submitting my artwork. This time is my second appearance as one of the jurors of the Final Assessment Panel.

As a glass artist, I would like to give my appreciation to the Executive Committee of this unique glass art competition for having held this exhibition for so many years.

At the same time, as I recalled our predecessors’ enthusiasm, I entered the venue of the Final Assessment with some apprehension.

At the Preliminary Assessment, which was based on digital images, 17% of the total submissions were selected. Those selected works were at a high level of both inspiration and technique.

Before the jurors decided each award winner, we had a plenty of time to view all the submitted works.

Then we each voted for the works we admired and we had discussions in front of the nominated works. We repeated this procedure and decided all the award winners. I feel that each juror’s criteria in selecting the award winners was almost identical.

The Grand Prize winner, “Oscillation’ 19-3” has a bold presence and a feeling of tension which overwhelms any other works. This artist was awarded at the previous exhibition as well.

However, I feel here an energy strong enough to surpass his previous works. He has developed his own original technique and attempted challenging and novel shapes by utilizing the technique.

I selected “R-IX” as my award winner, which looks like a twisted soft pillow. As the artist’s inspiration says, I felt the heartbeat of life which came from the process of blowing the glass, as the artist focused on heating, swinging and transforming the material.

An artist in any artistic field must make an effort to complete artworks, by overcoming the uncontrollable impulse to express themselves through the medium. By continuing to create a series of work, the works will improve the expression. Thus the artist can break out of the cycle and continue to evolve.

I sincerely hope that this exhibition will encourage and support the artists who have worked to create their works earnestly by overcoming the changes of our time.


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