Panel Discussion

(日本語) 翻訳:

Comments on the Honorable Mention winners(2/2)

Glass Platter

Glass Platter
SPARRE-PETERSEN, Maria (Denmark)

TAKEDA ───── Next is the work by Maria Sparre-Petersen from Denmark. This is 6cm high, 45cm wide and 29.5cm deep. I would like Mr. Musler to comment on this work.

MUSLER ───── This fused and slumped piece has a very simple form but complex design, all done by printing water-based colors on glass and fusing it all together. The inspiration for the work goes as follows; “Exploration of three dimensional pattern using water-based colors for printing on glass combined with the optical qualities of clear glass.”

TAKEDA ───── Next, the work by Zizheng Zhou from China. A strand of blue neon is laid over the work. The longest part is 95cm, quite a big work. Three rolls are piled up. It is 50cm wide and high, and 95cm deep. The neon light tubes are laid irregularly over the three rolls. We would like Mr. Musler to comment on this work.

Uncertain White Triangular Prism with Blue Light

Uncertain White Triangular Prism with Blue Light
周 子正
ZHOU, Zizheng (China)

MUSLER ───── I found this piece interesting and the most conceptual in the exhibition. It was done by simply taking rolls of fiberglass and fusing them into what look like giant wet stacked tubes and set off with a strand of blue neon. What more could you ask for? The artist’s inspiration for the work goes as follows, “The original intention of this creation is to eliminate human use traces and disintegrate the practical characteristics to give the material full freedom. The main material used in the work is glass fiber cloth. I returned it to the fire to break through its temperature limit and also stripped it of its practical value.”

TAKEDA ───── Lastly, the Honorable Mention winner by Yeonkyung Jeong, an artist living in Japan. It is 80cm wide, 10cm thick, and 45cm high. By lighting the work from the back, very complicated patterns on the front surface are revealed. This is a large work, and I would like Ms. Laursen to comment on this.

痕 Existed

ジョン ヨンギョン
JEONG, Yeonkyung (Japan)

LAURSEN ───── The Honorable Mention is given to Yeonkyung Jeong for a highly interesting and experimental work with the title “Existed”. It has the form of a rectangle, you have already been told the measurements, and one feels that the size could change from monumental to very small. The size itself is not important.
What is important for this very refined work is the research and the will to experiment, the courage to be inspired to go beyond familiar routines and roads. An inquisitive mind is of the utmost importance for an artist who wants to shake things up.
The title of this work is “Existed” and it is very informative for the materiality of the work. It seems timeless, yet it is also a contemporary work of art in the way that the artist has formulated a process of investigating how to utilize the changing of color to create various looks according to the granularity and the shape of glass.
To sum up, the artist has succeeded in piquing the curiosity of the jury.