Panel Discussion

(日本語) 翻訳:

Comments on the Final Assessment and the Grand Prize winner

ZORITCHAK ───── I think that the Grand Prize winner by Tsumori Hidenori symbolizes human nature in many ways. Since humans first made glass 5000 years ago, glass has been made into various containers and decorations. Looking at glass as a man-made material from today’s perspective, I get the impression that glass goes back, or returns to the ground and the earth. Glass was first used for various tools, but this work makes me feel that this material has been exposed and now returns to the earth.

TAKEDA ───── After conducting the Final Assessment, would you like to tell us your thoughts?

ZORITCHAK ───── Selecting all the prize winners was an easy process. All the jurors are professional, and we had no problem. Above all, thanks to Prof Takeda’s consideration, we were able to complete the Final Assessment well.

TAKEDA ───── lease feel free to make any comments on the assessment. On behalf of Mr. Zoritchak, I would like to report on the procedure of the Final Assessment. In the case of any assessment, we usually conduct voting a few times. This time, however, we discussed a lot. Regarding how we decided the prize winners, from the beginning, some works received all the jurors’ votes. While discussing the prize winners, we had no trouble. It went rather smoothly. Each juror assessed the submitted works from various perspectives, but finally it turned out that we thought the same works excellent. As the head juror, I was able to assess the submitted works without stress. I presume that Mr. Zoritchak would also like to express himself in the same way.
Next, Mr. Musler, your impression on the Final Assessment and the Grand Prize and Gold Prize winners.

MUSLER ───── This is my first experience here. Previously I have judged photography shows for the last four years in Havana, Cuba. This is my first time to be a juror for the glass exhibition, so it was fun but also challenging. But in the end, it called all the artists, educators, secretaries technicians together to run the assessment smoothly.
This “Oscillation ’19-3” is a very powerful piece. This very large work really impressed me. It looks totally out of control. The way it was made looks like a giant volcano splitting down the center. It was made with a mixture of earth or ceramic and cullet. With the Gold Prize winner, “Sange”, I like the delicacy of the work. Everything is placed precisely, including glass cubes. It was a very enjoyable experience.

TAKEDA ───── Thank you. Next, Ms. Laursen, your comments on the Final Assessment as a whole and on the Grand Prize, please.