Panel Discussion

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Comments on the Jurors’ Special Prize winners(1/2)

From “The Cosmic Touches” Cycles

From “The Cosmic Touches” Cycles
TRNKA, Pavel (Czech Republic)

TAKEDA ───── Thank you. Lastly, I would like each of the five jurors to comment briefly on each juror’s award.
First, Ms. Laursen selected the work by Pavel Trnka from the Czech Republic. The work is 27cm in diameter.

LAURSEN ───── The work by Pavel Trnka from the Czech Republic is a very fine and worthy work representing the high culture and art of glass making in the Czech Republic.
For several hundred years, this European region has produced wonderful glass art and the craft has survived strongly so that today glass artists come to the Czech Republic in order to work with workshops and highly skilled artisans on very special projects.
And, of course, today you will find fine glass artists like Pavel Trnka making amazing and refined art works.
The title of the work is “From The Comic Touches Cycles”. It is glass fused in a mold, cut, pasted, etched and polished. It is round, perfect and magical, with its red dot or eye.
Now you can see it. Sometimes the artwork is white, sometimes it is clear or red, so I am glad that there was a photo showing its red color. When it changes position, it also changes the color scheme of the work, so it is hard to catch the red color and it adds to the magic of the work. This is a very fine work and it is very nice to have this in the Czech Republic presentation in this collection.
Finally I chose this work to draw attention to Czech glass art and also because I find this work highly skilled.

My Gray Days

My Gray Days
GIBIETE, Marta (Latvia)

TAKEDA ───── Thank you. It is hard to imagine the change of the color by only looking at the digital images. As Ms. Laursen explained, while changing viewpoint, white changes into red. On the back of the image you see now on the screen is a red colored glass and when light penetrates, it looks red. I hope you will see the work in person.

TAKEDA ───── Next, we would like to introduce the Zoritchak Prize winner. Mr. Zoritchak selected a rather large work, the longest part of the work is 57cm. It is 37cm high and 37cm wide. Mr. Zoritchak, please comment on the work.

ZORITCHAK ───── From the volume of this work, I feel life. It shows us the protection life. I also feel anxious waiting for winter to end. When the winter is over, a new life is born, and bright days start again. It looks like a shell, so as to say, something to protect or shelter life. When it opens and a new life is born, the brightest days begin. Thank you.